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November 05, 2019   

Cool Cruisers Car Club                                                                                               Issue 366          

3149 S. 3rd St. Springfield, IL 62703                                



Good turnout, 42 in attendance - Thanks everyone.

Election results:


Membership Meeting Tuesday December 3rd Pizza Ranch @ 7:00 PM come early to eat.

Christmas Party December 8th Northfield Center 12:00 to 3:30 PM Dinner served at 12:30PM

Laying of Wreaths at Camp Butler 1December 14th 10:00 PM December


Election Results:

      President John Carpenter

      Vice President Mike Cantrall

      Secretary Mary Ann Archer

      Treasurer Jim Mihalich

Congratulations to all.


Thanks to Stan Porter, Ryan Miller and Jeff Whitehead for being the Election Committee.


November Members Meeting:  John Carpenter called the 366th Members' Meeting of the Cool Cruisers Car Club to order at 7:00 PM with welcome to and recognition of new members and new memberships.  New members being; Laura Clevenger, Mickey Horn, Johnny & Liz Bishop, John & Denise McQuinn, Peter Dowding, James & Christina Gray, D & Juanita Walker, Bob and Rachel Lang, Larry Green, Carol Dankoski, Lori & Matt Brown, Gary Curry and Angelia Weiss.       


 J.C. gave the Treasurer's Report.   Motion to receive was made by Ryan Miller, seconded by Lisa Motika accepted.   Thanks J.C.


November Birthdays:  Derek Roberts, Kay Cantrall, Ed Van Der Wal and John Archer.  Happy Birthday all.


Celebrating an anniversary in November are Linda and Bill Bermel their 58th.  Congratulations.


10/18 Lincolns Home Trunk and Treat had 13 vehicles with a lot of little spooks and some big ones, great event and great time had.

10/20 Breast Cancer cruise in at Hooters with 215 registered vehicles raising $2,800.00 dollars.  John and Denise McQuinn won the 50/50 and donated it back, thank you very much.  A very great event for a great cause, thanks everyone.


Bob Randolph raised a concern that by letting new members join during the membership drive for just $10 verse the $15 dollars that is stated in the by-laws the club rules were violated.  In the Rules of Order, it is stated that a special action not permitted by the rules can be requested and the rule suspended.  As this request was approved by the board the rule was suspended and therefore not in violation of the by-laws.



Trivia: Thanks Kathy.


Drawings:  Tom Smith won the $20.00 drawing.


Adjournment:   John Carpenter made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Pat Smith.  Adjourned.  

Thanks everyone.


Corporate Sponsors for 2019 are: Auto Zone, Steak N Shake & Dustin Sheurman Farmers Ins. 217-544-0525

Platinum Sponsor for 2019 is: Phil Novak

Gold Sponsors for 2019 are: Vern's Auto, Phoenix Collision & Service Master DSI

Silver Sponsor for 2019 are: Golden Corral and Bedrock Farms

Thank you all for your support.



President: John Carpenter:       217-891-4910    Board Chairperson: John Archer: 217-787-4480

Vice President: Mike Cantrall: 217-725-8548    V. B. Chairperson: Jim Mihalich:  217-891-3434

 Secretary:  Mary Ann Archer: 217-787-4480    B.J. Taylor:           217-361-6687                            

Treasurer: J.C. Hardy:             217-528-1590     Marcia Allen:        217-528-1590

                                                                              Jeff Wolfe:            217-971-5663

                                                                              Duane Weiss:        217-652-7202

                                                                              Jerry Landreth:     217-622-9417

                                                                              Mark Koster:         217-341-4531

                                                                              Jeff Whitehead:     217-836-4105     

                                                                              Bill Russell:           Emeritus