Cool Cruiser's Newsletter




April 03, 2018   

Cool Cruisers Car Club                                                                                                                        Issue 348          

3149 S. 3rd St. Springfield, IL 62703                                                              


April Membership Meeting: 

John Carpenter called the 348th Members' Meeting of the Cool Cruisers Car Club to order at 7:00 PM. 


Welcome to new members Pat and Nancy Pinkston.  Very nice to have you with us.  Also, welcome to potential new member Steve Warren, hope you come back and join the club.


J.C. gave the Treasurer's Report.  Still got some. 


John Archer reported the web site is current except he is still  waiting on the location  for the S&S Cruise - Ins.  Also, John paid GKG $43.08 the annual fee for hosting the web site, J.C. gave him a check for the amount.


Jim Mihalich gave a report on the upcoming Amish County April 21st road trip.  To-date there are 23 cruisers registered to go, hope more can join us, sounds like a great day.


Happy birthday to Dave Dankoski and Bob Randolph, they don't look a day over 70.


Happy anniversary to Jane and Jim Mihalich, they will be celebrating their 56th anniversary on the April 21st road trip to Amish Country.


Old Business:

Checking on door prizes from Auto/Zone.

George Davis from the Model Car Club does not know if they will be able to attend our events.

John Carpenter is waiting to hear from Ron Metzger on the Motorhead Bar/Grill Museum schedule .

Looking into if we need to fill all of the open committee positions.


New Business:

John Carpenter is looking at possibilities of adding new club sponsors.

The cruising season is upon us, hope the weather is nice to us.



Another great job Kathy, looking forward to the one for next month.



Steve Warren won the $20.00 door prize.


Mike Hall reported that for the SPARC June 2nd car show early registration will be $15.00 until May 26 which after will be $20.00.



We all went.


Next Meeting:

May 01, 2018 Members Meeting @ Char House on Dirksen @ 7:00 PM.


Corporate Sponsors for 2018 are Auto Zone And Steak n Shake: Thank you for your support.



President: A-John Carpenter: 217-891-4910        Board Chairperson:        John Archer: 217-787-4480

Vice President: John Carpenter 217-891-4910   Vice Board Chairperson: Jim Mihalich: 217-891-3434                                                                                Secretary:  Mary Ann Archer: 217-787-4480        Bill Russell: 217-496-3137                            

Treasurer: J.C. Hardy: 217-528-1590                    Debbie Childress: 217-652-6614                            

                                                                               Marcia Allen: 217-528-1590

                                                                               Jane Mihalich: 217-891-3434

                                                                               Dan Darling: 217-488-6432                                                                                                                                                                    Mike Cantrall: 217-725-8548

                                                                               Duane Weiss:  217-652-7202

                                                                               Jerry Landreth:217-622-9417

********************REMEMBER IT IS JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT********************