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August 06, 2019   

Cool Cruisers Car Club                                                                                               Issue 363          

3149 S. 3rd St. Springfield, IL 62703                                



Good turnout, 35 in attendance - Thanks everyone.


Saturday August 24th Cool Cruisers cruise- in Steak N Shake on Wabash @5:30-8:30, see you there.


Board Meeting Tuesday August 27th Chesapeake @ 6:30 come early to eat.


Next membership meeting Tuesday September 3rd Golden Corral @ 7:00 PM come early to eat.


August Members Meeting:  John Carpenter called the 363rd Members' Meeting of the Cool Cruisers Car Club to order at 7:00 PM.  Welcome and recognition to new members Nick and Shawna Stoutameyer 59 Impala, Jeff and Cassie Langley 06 Mustang and Gregg Knight 69 Mustang and 87 Buick Grand National.


Mike Cantrall thanked the anniversary committee (J.C. Hardy, Jeff Whitehead and Jim Mihalich) and his wife Kay on their efforts for celebrating the club 30th anniversary.  The cupcakes at the car show were very good.


John Archer thanked all the volunteers and participants at the car show which was a great success.  Also, thanked everyone for attending the meeting.


 J.C. gave the Treasurer's Report.   


One more time Mary Ann blessed us with some words of wisdom:

. When you get up in a morning give thanks for the gift of another day.


After being prompted by John C. John Archer reported the website is current.


Mike Hall gave an update on the event at the fair.  It will be on August 14th Governors day only - 9:30 to 4 PM.


August Birthdays:  J.C. Hardy.  Happy Birthday J. C.


Celebrating their anniversary in August are:  Francee and Ed Brown their 46th and Kay and Mike Cantrall their 51st.  Congratulations.


J.C. thanked everyone who helped with the car show, he also announced that this was the last year that he and Marica would be in charge of the show.  He made a motion that we give the clubs share of the registration fee to the New Berlin Fire Department.  In past years the agreement was the club and fire department split the registration fee 50/50.  After a considerable amount of discussion, the motion was voted on 11 yes votes and 21no votes. Motion failed. 

John C. will discuss with the fire department to determine if they would still want to hold a show next year, if so, a new committee head will be appointed. 


A huge thank you to J.C. and Marcia who have put in a great amount of time over the past 18 year heading up the show.  Each year the show has been a huge success due to your efforts.


New Business:

The July 6th cruise-in at Steak N Shake had 117 registered vehicles, great turnout.  John Carpenter thanks all the volunteers for the great amount of time they put in for making everything work.


The July 16th cruise-in at Motorheads had 24 registered vehicles, however it was rained out.


New Berlin car show was a great success, 133 registered vehicles.  John C. thanks everyone for helping with the show and all participants.


The Christmas Party Committee of Deb Pellegrini, Jane Mihalich, Sindy Landreth and Jack Germann is looking for items to be used for the quarter auction at the party.


John C. thanks Ed Brown for the donation of parking vest. Wear wisely parkers.


Trivia: Kathy this was great even John Archer got 10 right.  Thanks     


Drawings:  Ed Van Der Wal won the $20.00 drawing again.


Adjournment:   John C and Jim Mihalich made the motion and seconded. Gone with the winds


Corporate Sponsors for 2019 are: Auto Zone, Steak N Shake & Dustin Sheurman Farmers Ins. 217-544-0525

Platinum Sponsor for 2019 is: Phil Novak

Gold Sponsors for 2019 are: Vern's Auto, Phoenix Collision & Service Master DSI

Silver Sponsor for 2019 are: Golden Corral and Bedrock Farms

Thank you all for your support.



President: John Carpenter:       217-891-4910    Board Chairperson: John Archer: 217-787-4480

Vice President: Mike Cantrall: 217-725-8548    V. B. Chairperson: Jim Mihalich:  217-891-3434

 Secretary:  Mary Ann Archer: 217-787-4480     B.J. Taylor:           217-361-6687                             

Treasurer: J.C. Hardy:             217-528-1590      Marcia Allen:        217-528-1590

                                                            Jeff Wolfe:            217-971-5663

                                                                                   Duane Weiss:        217-652-7202

                                                                                   Jerry Landreth:     217-622-9417

                                                                                   Mark Koster:         217-341-4531

                                                                                   Jeff Whitehead:     217-836-4105   

                                                                  Bill Russell:      Emeritus                  


*****************REMEMBER IT IS JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT*****************