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July 03, 2018   

Cool Cruisers Car Club                                                                                                                        Issue 351          

3149 S. 3rd St. Springfield, IL 62703                                                              



Rolling Wheels Event:

Minier Corn Daze

Sunday August 05, 2018 -

RSVP Jim Mihalich 217-891-3434 or


July Membership Meeting:      

John Carpenter called the 351st Members' Meeting of the Cool Cruisers Car Club to order at 6:51 PM. 


John Archer welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending.


J.C. gave the Treasurer's Report.   Mike Cantrall audited the checkbook January through June, in order.  Thanks good job.


John Archer reported the web site is current.  


Happy birthday to Mark Koster, Jerry Landreth and Marcia Allen.


Celebrating  anniversaries in July are:  Dawn and Mark Koster - 15 years.   Congratulations.   


Old Business:  We had 55 registered vehicles at the May 26th Cruise-In.  A nice night.  Winners of the two $25.00 drawings were Carlene Alcorn and John Carpenter.  Carlene donated hers back to the club and John C. brought door prizes for the club.  Thanks Carlene and John C.  Jim Mihalich won the 50/50.

There were 42 registered vehicles at the SPARC Plug Car Show.


J.C. reported that Karen Reeder is planning a Celebration Of Life for Dave on July 7th at the Jerome Civil Center.  J.C. will have more information at the July Members Meeting.


Special Cruise-Ins, the first June 7 at the Bickford House, 11 to 2 with lunch, the second June 15 at the Villa at Holly Brook in Chatham, 11 to 2 with lunch.  Duane took names for attendees.


New Business:  58 registered cars at the Steak N Shake Cruise-In on 6/23.  Winners of $25 drawings were Beverly Wake and Ryan Miller.  50/50 won by Jim Aston. 28 registered cars at the hot hot Lakeside Christian Church.


Jim Mihalich gave a report on the Casey Road Trip.  A hot day but a great time was had.


Mike Hall reported on the Pawnee Car Show.  It was a nice and rainy day with 60 cars.


J.C. gave a report on the July 28th Car Show, we are ready.

John Carpenter had 4 tickets to the Fleetwood Mac's Concert and held a special drawing, Dick Yates and John Davidson both won two tickets.


Dash Plaque: Any wishing there picture on a dash plaque Contact J.C.  217-528-1590


Club Calendar:  We are taking names for the club Calendar those interested contact J.C. or John Archer


Trivia: Thanks Kathy another great job, John Archer is still above 50%.   


 Drawing:  John Davidson won the $20.00 door prize.


Adjournment:   John C. let us out.


Next Meeting:

August 7th, 2018 Members Meeting @ Char House Ranch @ 7:00 PM.


Corporate Sponsors for 2018 are Auto Zone And Steak n Shake: Thank you for your support.



President: John Carpenter:      217-891-4910       Board Chairperson: John Archer: 217-787-4480

Vice President: Mike Cantral:  217-725-8548      V. B. Chairperson: Jim Mihalich: 217-891-3434

 Secretary:  Mary Ann Archer:  217-787-4480     Bill Russell:           217-496-3137                            

Treasurer: J.C. Hardy:                217-528-1590    Debbie Childress: 217-652-6614                            

                                                                              Marcia Allen:        217-528-1590

                                                                              Jane Mihalich:      217-891-3434

                                                                              Dan Darling:         217-488-6432                                                                                                                                                                   Duane Weiss:       217-652-7202

                                                                              Jerry Landreth:    217-622-9417

********************REMEMBER IT IS JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT********************

July 21 Cars & Coffee Robert's Auto Wabash 9-12AM

July 21 Cruise-in Springfield, Rock&Roll Hardee's 5:30-8:30 PM

July 28 New Berlin Car Show at WaterTower Park, New Berlin, 9-3:30

July 28 Cruise-in Lincoln Downtown 5-8PM