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Next Members Meeting Tuesday August 1st @ O'Charley's @ 7:00 PM

Welcome back to the times when cars were fast and music was fun to listen to. From the Model A to the Viper, we have them all. Take a stroll with your flame or just come to watch cars shoot flames.  With cruise-ins scheduled from the Spring to Fall, finding an opportunity to attend one is easy.  

Based in Springfield, ILL., we are fun for the entire family.  Come listen to your favorite oldies of the past.  Slick back your hair, put on your poodle skirt and bobby socks and have some fun with the Cool Cruisers - It's a gas man. 

Browse the event calendar for the next local cruise, bring your car, and have some fun!  Don't have a car come anyway and reminisce about the days of fast cars and cool music.  Chill!


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 Executive Officers         

Duane Weiss, President   217-652-7202

Ryan Miller Vice President  217-585-1590

J.C. Hardy, Treasurer, 217-528-1590 


Mary Ann Archer, Secretary 217-787-4480



Chair Person of the Board


John Archer 217- 787-4480


Co-Chair Person of the board 

Jim Mihalich 217-891-3434


Board Members


Bill Russell 217-496-3137


Marcia Allen 217- 528-1590


John Archer 217-787-4480


Jim Mihalich 217-891-3434


Debbie Childress 217-652-6614


Bob Barbee 217-652-0254


Jane Mihalich 217-891-3434


Jack Germann 217-585-1590 


John Carpenter 217-891-4910



Next Board Meeeting July 25, 2017 @ Chesapeake Restaurant on Clearlake @ 6:30PM.    




Next Members Meeting will be August 01, 2017 @ O'Charley's @7:PM. 




2017 CC Car Show 07-22-2017 Flyer


Wreaths across America Car Show 09-10-2017 Flyer


Turn on your speakers to enjoy your cruise through this site!

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Cool Cruisers

3149 S. 3rd Street

Springfield Il 62703



Newly elected Board Members will start their position at the December meeting.  Board members no longer holding office will be removed from this site after the December board meeting.


Contact any Executive Officer or Board Member with any suggestions for the Cool Cruisers Car Club.


This is your club and your voice will be heard.  You can email Executive Officers & Board Members by clicking on their name.





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