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7/24/2021 Cars N Coffee Inclusion City Pleasent Plains.  Nice place, great people and food.


7/21/2021 Cruise-In Motorheads.  Thanks everyone 105+ vehicles.  Another great Wednesday night.  See you all on August 18th, same great place and time.

7/07/2021 Cruise-Inn Motorheads.  Thanks everyone 105 vehicles, a great Wednesday night turnout. See you all on July 21st, same great place and time.



6/23/2021 Cruise-Inn Motorheads.  Thanks everyone 120 plus vehicles, a great turn out and a great time.

5/25/2021 Motorheads.  Nice night for a cruise-inn.  Good turn out.Thanks everyone, again thanks to Motorheads for the nice lot.  See the trailer it looks great.


5/12/2021 Motorheads.  First Wednesday night cruise-in of the year.  Great turnout 100 plus vehicles.  Thanks all and thanks to Motorheads for the newly paved parking lot.  Very very nice.




5/01/2021 Inclusion City Cars N Coffee, Pleasant Plains.  Thanks to all.  Very nice for our first time there.  Plan on doing again, great muffins and people.


4/18/2021 1st cruise-in of the year.  Thanks to Motorheads, Cool Cruisers workers and all other cruisers for a great turn out and day.






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