Cool Cruisers

Club Rules

  1. The driver, of a member vehicle, must hold a valid driver’s license. If someone other than the member drives the vehicle, the driver must understand and agree to all the material herein.

  2. When the child of a member reaches 18 years of age, they must join the club to participate in club activities.

  3. You must accept and assume full responsibility (liability) for any injury or loss to yourself and/or properties, agents, employees, or other persons at any time. You expressly release it’s staff, agents, and properties from any liability for such loss or injury and agree to provide and maintain your own insurance to cover such losses or injuries.

  4. The Board of Directors has the right to refuse any application for any reason.

  5. The Board of Directors has the right to inspect any vehicle and has the right to take actions deemed appropriate to correct situations, i.e.: safety, bumper stickers or other items felt inappropriate

  6. Any cruisers ticketed by police, for improper use of a vehicle, during a cruising event are subject to Membership termination and will be dealt with appropriately.

  7. Smoking will not be permitted, in an indoor meeting area, one-hour before a club meeting until the conclusion of the meeting.

  8. Any items kept in the Cool Cruisers Trailer will become property of the Cool Cruisers Car Club. This will not apply to items found at an event while finding the rightful owner.

  9. A member, upon approval of the Board of Directors by a 2/3rds vote at a regular scheduled board meeting, may use the Cool Cruisers Trailer and Equipment. This should be done when the Board feels it would be in the best interest of the club, or when a not-for-profit organization is requesting the use.  The Board will reserve the right to levee a fee and mileage if it is deemed necessary.  A member of the Board should accompany the trailer.

  10. All Charitable Donations will go through the charitable donation committee and a recommendation made to the board.

  11. Illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages are not allowed at club cruises or shows. The Board of Directors will deal with inappropriate behavior or disorderly conduct including abuse of alcohol or drugs.

  12. Upon the death of a member, member’s spouse, children or parent(s) a card or donation to a charity, not to exceed $25.00, on their behalf may be made.

  13. A committee should be appointed annually to review the rules of the club.

  14. No member who has a business and/or service shall be allowed to attach the name of said business and/or service to dash plaques, web site, fliers, newsletters or any other form of advertising in conjunction with the Cool Cruisers Car Club unless that business and/or service has paid a sponsor's fee. The exception to this rule id WQQL (Cool) Radio. ( Sponsors fee being the annual fee, a Cruise fee, or an "in kind" fee.)


Rules 1-13 - Approved by the membership 4/2/2002

Rule 14      - Approved by the membership 4/1/2003

Rule 9        - Revisions approved by the membership 2/01/2005


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