The purpose of the Cool Cruisers Car Club, herein called the Club is to have fun in a socially acceptable and family oriented way. Included, but not limited to, Car Shows, Club Meetings, Charitable Activities, and other activities the Club may participate in.




Executive Officers shall consist of: President

Vice President



The order of succession in case the President leaves office is:

Vice President



Board Chairperson

Board Vice-Chairperson


In the event, no one accepts the Presidency; the Board Chairperson shall appoint a new Executive Officer from the Directors, with approval of club membership.


The President will preside over all membership meetings. The President will be a communication point for other officers, directors, and committee chairpersons doing business for the club. The President will appoint committee chairpersons, as needed, to oversee the best interest of the club. The President will have a vote only if a tie is to be broken.


The Vice-president will preside over meetings in the absence of the President. The VP will assume control of any project or function when asked by the President.


The Secretary will record and keep the minutes of all Membership and Board Meetings, plus any other meetings when asked by the President. The Secretary will publish a monthly newsletter to include the minutes of the monthly club meeting and any other information pertinent to the club.


The Treasurer will keep all of the Clubs financial records and make them available for audit when asked by the President. The financial records will be audited (2) two times per year. One audit will be in July by someone appointed by the President. The second audit will be in January by the old and new Treasurer, when applicable, and one or more persons appointed by the President. The Board may call for a special audit at any time. Deposits will be made on a timely basis. The accounts payable will be kept current and all variations and its reason will be reported to the Board. There will be an itemized Treasurers report at each Board meeting. The Treasurer will keep a current Membership list and communicate the list to another member when approved by the President. The Treasurer will mail membership information to new members. This will include membership cards, current by-laws, and current rules of the club and other membership information concerning the club. The club will bond the Treasurer position.




Board of Directors shall consist of:

The Executive Officers and

(9) Nine Directors (1 Director shall be The Board Chairperson and 1 Vice-Board Chairperson)

The Board of Directors will elect a Chairperson at the January Board of Directors meeting after the Directors are installed. The term of office of the Chairperson will be (2) two years. The Board Chairperson will preside over the Board Meeting or Vice-Board Chairperson to preside in his/her absence. The Board meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30. The majority of the Board of Directors must be present for a Board Meeting to take place. The purpose of the Board meetings will be to discuss all items of business brought to the board from the membership or outside the club. The Board will present any finished business in the form of a recommendation to the Membership Meeting. If majority agreement cannot be reached after a reasonable amount of discussion, the item will be brought to the Membership Meeting without recommendation.


If another Officer or Director, other than President, leaves office, the Board Chairperson will appoint a replacement from the Executive Officers, the Directors, then the candidates for Director from the last election in the order of vote attainment. Appointed Officers or Directors will finish the term of the office they replace. When the Director candidates from the last election are exhausted, the Board Chairperson will submit a candidate to the board. The Board of Directors must approve this candidate.

All officers and Board Members must maintain current membership. The Board Chairperson can hold a Special Board meeting with 48-hour notification of the Board. Any Board member missing (3) three consecutive meetings will be asked to explain to the board or resign. The Board is authorized to spend up to $250.00 when approved by the Board at a Board Meeting. All other spending must be approved by the Membership at a monthly Membership Meeting.

The Directors will assist the Chairperson of the Board & President in successfully running the Club. Directors may be asked, by the Chairperson or President, to chair a committee to assist with but not limited to Cruises, Car Show, Club Meetings, and other club functions as voted on and approved by the Board.




The regular Monthly Membership Meeting will be at 7:00 on the first Tuesday of each month. The Membership Meeting will cover at least the following:


Minutes of last Meeting

Treasurers Report

Chairperson's Board Meeting Report

Board Committee Reports

Old Business

New Business




An Election Nomination Committee, appointed by the President, will consist of (3) three members who are not candidates for office; one will act as Chairperson of this Committee. The Election Nomination Committee will be appointed at the August Membership Meeting. The purpose of the Election Nomination Committee will be to find a full slate of Candidates for the coming election. This slate either will come from members nominating a qualified member or by the Election Nomination Committee contacting members until at least a minimum number of candidates are nominated. The Election Nomination Committee will contact all nominated members to verify their acceptance of the nomination. The Election Nomination Committee will be available for members to contact to present nominations. The Election Nomination Committee will have their phone number and/or Email address published in the newsletter. The Election Nomination Committee will present all candidates nominated at the October Membership Meeting before the opening of Nominations. A club member must be present to be eligible for nomination from the floor during the October meeting. The candidates nominated by the Election Nomination Committee and by the Membership from the floor will be voted on at the November Membership Meeting. The Executive Board will be elected in even years, and the Board Members will be elected in odd years. Terms for all offices will be (2) two years. Candidates successfully winning an election will be installed at the December membership meeting. Therefore, the Board Meeting immediately preceding the January Membership Meeting, will be a combined Board Meeting comprised of the out going Board and the in coming Board. The out going Board will meet, clear up the agenda, and adjourn.  The in coming Board will convene, elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and set the committees for the coming year and adjourn.


Ballots will be mailed to the membership before the November Membership Meeting. The ballots will either be mailed to the Election Nomination Committee Chairperson, or hand carried to the November Membership Meeting, by 7:15pm, where they will be counted. If a ballot is returned by mail the name of the member must be shown on the return envelope. A ballot returned without the name will be spoiled. A membership list will be used to determine when a member has voted. The Election Nomination Committee will open all mailed ballots, and determine eligibility with the membership list before 6:30pm the evening of the November Membership Meeting. A Club member, appointed by the President, will serve as an auditor while the ballots are opened.




Initiation fee will be $15.00 and renewals will be $l0.00 per year. Renewals will be accepted from December to end of February Membership Meeting after which the membership is no longer active. Dues for new members joining after October 1 will be considered paid for the following year. Persons wishing to join this club may attend as a guest no more than (3) three meetings without joining at the third meeting.

Further membership rules will be made available to members when added, or changed. The rules of the Club should be referred to when the Club By-Laws do not apply.


If any violation of the rules or regulations of this club should occur, the Executive Board will determine all disciplinary action after an investigation. The offender may appear before the Board if they choose.


Any proposed amendment to the By-laws must be in writing, and will be presented to the membership at the next possible meeting, then published in the newsletter, and voted on at the following membership meeting. The amendment must receive 2/3 approval of club membership in attendance. The amendment will be incorporated as soon as possible.


A person must own a vehicle of not less than 15 years of age, or a vehicle deemed, by the Board of Directors, to be special interest in nature, to be eligible for membership. An applicant, without a vehicle, may be approved for membership by the board of directors. This membership must comply with all club rules and bylaws but will not have voting privileges in the club.


A lifetime membership is available to be awarded for outstanding contribution to the club. No further membership dues will be paid after receiving the award. Candidates for this must be presented to the Board of Directors for review. The Treasurer will keep a list of lifetime members.


Should the Cool Cruisers Car Club dissolve, all assets of the club will be donated to a charitable organization as approved at the final membership meeting of the club. These assets will include, but are not limited to, the funds remaining in the club checking account, other accounts in financial institutions cash and tangible personal property owned by the club. Titles will be signed and surrendered to the approved organization.


These by-laws have been approved at the membership meeting of the Cool Cruisers Car Club April  1, 2003. 

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